Harbour Surfboards

Almost 60 years ago, Rich Harbour’s prized, albeit beat-up and used surfboard was stolen from his parents’ garage, forcing him to shape one of his own as a replacement.  It wasn’t long before many of the locals were asking Rich to make them surfboards.  Soon Harbour’s boards were gracing the pages of Surfer Magazine underneath the feet of the era’s most respected surfers. 

While a lot has changed since that first board, Harbour Surfboards remains the home of the world’s oldest surfboard manufacturing shop at the same continuous Seal Beach, California, location.

Since 1959 Harbour Surfboards has hand crafted more than 32,000 surfboards, and counting, with quality craftsmanship and attention to design as the philosophy behind each surfboard.  Harbour’s position as a trend-setter in the industry and evolving designs are still going strong.  And today, both new and vintage Harbour Surfboards are collected and prized by enthusiasts around the world eager to grab a piece of true surfing history. 

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