Nohana Softcore Funboard 8'4"

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Nohana Softcore Funboard

Perfect for beginners, a soft surfboard or foam surfboard should be your go to choice if you're starting out in the world of surfing, or if you are looking for a pure fun board. The Nohana Softcore Surfboards have volume and float in abundance, essential for stability and control. In addition to this, the XPE High Density foam outer reduces any potential dings to surfboard and rider. This not only ensures optimum stability and float at all times but it also removes the prospect of the board flooding due to a penetration of its deck should it take a ding.

Including 3 fin system and leash, the Nohana Softcore Funboards come with everything needed for surfing beginners. 

  • The Nohana softboard design is super user-friendly making it ding-free and easy to carry
  • Core: 100% Waterproof X-Density EPS Foam Core
  • Bottom: HDPE Slick bottom
  • Leash plug installed
  • Fin System: Screw through softboard fins
  • Thruster , 3-fin, setup (fins included)

(this product is in stock, just waiting on fins to arrive, please call for more information)