Roark | Volume 13 | "Runaway Club"

Roark flies no flag, he is a citizen of the world - no single nation or creed dictates his perspective. The journey is built upon a desire to discover new territory, culture and meaning with the intent to share the education. The politics of the day operate at an altitude far below Roark’s course and we clearly identify the separation between the worldly youth movement and the Russian cold war era stagnation of the old guard.

Join us in the most unlikely of places behind the iron curtain, exposed to the most challenging environmental and psychological conditions in recent years. Winter’s teeth are upon us in places scared by the elements and years of social stratification. As luck would have it, Roark has summoned his inner-optimism en route to a trip wild with experience and dark beauty. It begins in the streets of St. Petersburg prepping for a sojourn to the Arctic Circle and on to the Trans-Siberian Railroad in search of waves, vodka and the frozen tundra.

The collection is inspired by the climate and culture of Russia along with the often poetic and hardened traditions of its people. You’ll find an exploration into Russian tattoos and the underbelly, as well as ornate textile prints that are both whimsical and honest. Details abound in pieces like the “Trans-Siberian” knit that borrows an actual seat cushion jacquard from a cabin on the railroad of its namesake. We hope you discover something honest and inspired that spurs your interest in places like Teriberka and the cold unknown Roark explores in Russia’s less visible outdoors. Nastravi!

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