Harbour Surfboards - The Evolver Model 9'2"

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Since 1959 Harbour Surfboards has hand crafted more than 32,000 surfboards, and counting, with quality craftsmanship and attention to design as the philosophy behind each surfboard.  Harbour’s position as a trend-setter in the industry and evolving designs are still going strong.

The Evolver

A tribute to our 55th  year anniversary in 2014, the Evolver is a culmination of 55 years of surfboard design.  This board model has an extremely wide tail that picks up a wave’s energy like no other board.  It turns on a dime and, with those 50/50 nose rails and soft concave, it nose rides with the best of them.

Glassing: double 6oz deck / single 6oz bottom  / gloss & polish  Colour: red/blue black as shown Stringer: 1/4″ cedar stringer.  Fin option: special signature tri color fin from our “E” fin series.