6'6 Dume Destroyer

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Dume Destroyer Model
"This board was developed for a group of regulars whose stomping grounds were malibu and point dume. We were looking for that optimal board to maximize style of wave. started off with low entry rocker providing that initial burst of speed to get things going right away. the tail rocker is also low which keeps your speed going even when the wave slows down. the bottom starts as a flat to soft "vee" entry into a double concave "vee" bottom. the "vee" starts just under the front foot and runs all the way off the tail. this gives the dume destroyer a large "sweet spot" area for turning and will react immediately to all direction changes. the double concave that accompanies the "vee" gives each panel its own concave and continues to provide the lift through turns to maintain speed. A nice elliptical outline, soft responsive rails, to a thinned out hard edge responsive tail.......and you end up with is a board that will catch waves easily, provides its own speed, and is very responsive. while you can ride as a thruster it really craves and excels being ridden as a quad!"