Bing BN Lightweight

Bing BN Lightweight - 9'8" - Sold

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A lightweight version of the Original Bing Noserider, the BN Lightweight incorporates the same noserider fundamentals (nose concave, 50/50 rails, tail rocker) with a single stringer configuration, thinner volume, wider outline, lighter glassing and fin box, giving you an overall lighter, more versatile traditional log with fast trim speed and solid noseriding ability minus the weight and bulkiness. Ideal for small to head high waves in any type of wave and great for the traveler who wants to bring the Original Noserider but doesn’t want the hassle or for an introductory traditional noserider for those who are transitioning from a high performance longboard or shortboards. Average nose: 18 ½”, Average tail: 16 ¼”

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