Harbour Surfboards - TS Model 9'6

Harbour Surfboards - TS Model 9'6"

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Since 1959 Harbour Surfboards has hand crafted more than 32,000 surfboards, and counting, with quality craftsmanship and attention to design as the philosophy behind each surfboard.  Harbour’s position as a trend-setter in the industry and evolving designs are still going strong.


The original Trestle Special was developed in 1964 to surf Trestles; one of the premier breaks on the California coast.  After Clark Foam closed in late 2005, I was left with 8 Trestle Special blanks.  I decided to put the remaining 8 Trestle Special blanks on Ebay for $3,000 each, numbered 1 of 8, 2 of 8, etc. with the understanding that these were the last Trestle Special surfboards that Harbour will ever make.  They all sold and the Trestle Special logo is forever retired.

Since people have been calling the Trestle Special the TS since the mid sixties, and I still had a demand for that classic design, I decided to do something about it.  This classic shape is now available with a new name.  I designed a logo with the same feel as the retired Trestle Special logo, but now it says, and very appropriately, “The TS.”

The TS is the (exact) classic Trestle Special shape, with three cedar stringers, volan glass, and high density foam tail block.  The only difference between this and the original 1965 Trestle Special is the TS Shape logo, the foam and the glassing schedule.  We now use super green foam and our current volan glass job. With the extra weight gained from the 3 cedar stringers and volan glass the TS Shape is ideal for reef or point breaks.  All TS Shapes are available (only) with clear volan glass, 3 cedar stringers 6″ apart, and a foam tail block.