Kukena Candle

Kukena Candle

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Ocean-inspired natural soy candle handmade in Cornwall by surfers. Scented with pure plant oils creating a calm environment to unwind after long day at work (or the beach!).

Peppermint has the aromatherapy benefits of boosting energy and concentration levels, opening airways which is great for allergy season and helps to relieve headaches.

Rose Geranium essential oil has the therapeutic properties of promoting feelings of positivity whilst deodorising indoor environments with a gentle, uplifting aroma. 

Lemongrass oil has the beneficial properties of repelling bugs and detoxifying the air.

Stored in a plastic-free container with mini surfboard, these candles make for a great environmentally-friendly gift idea for surfers and candle lovers alike! Burn time - 30 hours (100g)