Nineplus 'Femme' by Mark Neville - 9'0 x 21.5

Nineplus 'Femme' by Mark Neville - 9'0 x 21.5" x 3"

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A few months we received a phone call to say someone has found a few boards hidden in the back of a shop that had been there since 2009. Amongst these were some of Mark Neville boards that had never seen the light until the bags were opened this past summer. 

This is the 'Femme' model which was based on 'The Don' model but scaled down for women. It was produced in a 8'6 or 9'0 version and was made narrower so it was easier to carry under a shorter arm. These ones have a red resin tint bottom with slight pink deck tint and white resin pinlines.

We have a 8'6 and 9'0 at the shop.