Nineplus - Ospray

Nineplus - Ospray

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Nineplus Ospray - produced using an original Nuuhiwa template from the late 1960s and using the original t-band stringer comprising of both balsa and cedar to create a 1.5" stringer (The Blanks for this boards cost over £250). The board also has complete 8oz volan glass work with extra tail patch and deck patch. It also features a dyed foam tail block and it is as beautiful a longboard as they come.

With its roots firmly in the noseriders of the mid 60's, Hank Byzak was able to contribute to the fine tuning of this board through his wealth of knowledge gained in part by working on the original Nuuhiwa noseriders of the time.

'The Ospray' is a real classic, with an inch of spoon nose concave and a flat rocker creating a board that embodies the ultimate wave riding experience. With a very pinched rail and a slight tail lift this board will swing like a pendulum.

Set a rail and it trims like a dream, ideal for that sidewalk stroll up to the nose. Once you're up there the nose concave steadies and slows the board down, and you can hang on by your pinkies with nothing but open water in front of you.