W2 | 2 Piece Optional Wetsuit | 4/3mm

The W2 - made from 100% Yamamoto in 4/3mm neoprene. Optional hood or Regular neck option using a hook and loop closure system.

The W2 is beautifully produced, and does not absorb or carry water, it's a shield. It is lined in zirconium throughout body and hood (the best heat retaining, water resistant, thermal insulating material on the market, period) The organ shield (front body panel) is 4mm. Made to enable surfing in water from 7 degrees (45F) to 12C (55F) .

  1. Yamamoto #39 Neoprene
  2. Sealed, blind stitched seams throughout.
  3. Zero water penetration on body panels
  4. Zero Wind penetration on body panels
  5. Zero water absorption.
  6. Zirconium inner lining on chest area (water resistant thermal lining) 
  7. Interchangeable Hood or Reg. Neck system.

Please note any orders on this suit will ship once delivered into us which is late November.