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Thank you for taking the time to enter the soul of surfing and the world of ‘Nineplus’. A journey that has taken 16 years so far and has ridden many different waves on its quest to find the essence of excellence. As a company our motto is simple; to create products that communicates and cater to the heart of the true surfer, to remain relevant within our market place and to be original and inspirational in our concepts and vision.

This company is built on the pursuance of excellence & service, sometimes that can be difficult when there is a lot going on or something unexpected happens but we do operate in a manner that serves our customers rather than sells to them. We try to use correct information; an honest approach and a dedication to quality in order to take care of the people that chose to come to the Nineplus Group in their own journey on the way to becoming a more stoked rider of the waves.

We now have two UK stores, in two flagship locations:


Nineplus North Devon: 33 Exeter Road, EX33 2JP -  tel: 01271 813 300

Nineplus Newquay:      167 Henver Road, TR7 3EJ - tel: 01637 499 239


Both packed with the finest foam, neoprene and coffee beans from around the world. Please drop by to sample some fine blends, we look forward to serving you.

Welcome to the Warm Club.


The Nineplus Group