Ladies Catsuit


The ladies catsuit is both iconic, simplistic and classic. The 'corset' inspired chest panels use 6 separate pieces of neoprene and are glued together to create the perfect fit on the torso while also ensuring that the suit remains feminine. Concealed zips on the ankle opening to help getting the suit on and off and a longer front zip for easier entry.

We have always tried to make the ladies wetsuits in their own unique style, we first put a front zipper in the wetsuits back in 2003 in orders to break the front panel up. Basing the design on Anne Hathaway in Batman it also gives the wearer a very flattering look that is both sexy but also functional and warm. Every winter this wetsuit model for us sells out.


NWS-LCS | Ladies Catsuit

The Ladies Catsuit is built around the contours of the human body. The slight muscle tones of the body can be followed and when this is done the whole wetsuit moves easier against the body as we walk, move and stretch. As the Yamamoto neoprene has a greater density but is not heavier it stays fixed in position and gives a much better overall fit against the body.

LCS | 4/3mm

LCS | 3/2mm

Best of all, it's Yamamoto

Yamamoto neoprene is not derived from petrochemicals in anyway, it is from limestone taken from the mountains within Japan in the same way concrete is made.

There is estimated to be enough reserves to last another 3000 years so it is not a limited supply resource.



Our neoprene is as environmentally friendly as possible. Not just in its makeup but mostly in the production technique which is the most damaging aspect of neoprene production.

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