Surf Club

The Nineplus surf club is offering specialised surfing classes built around waves, wind and the experience.

Based from the Nineplus Newquay shop in Cornwall each class will form part of the Nineplus 9 step surf program, designed to make you a better surfer. Our customised van will be loaded with either your own or Nineplus gear and together we will go to the best location depending on the Tide, Swell & Wind.

– 9am til 1pm


• Limited to a maximum
  of 4 people

Private Group Lesson:

£150 per individual lesson
+ £75 per extra person

Mixed Group Lesson:

£100 per person

Minimum 2 people needed

Extended lessons through the various programs available on request.

For all surf classes enquiries please email

Nineplus Surf Club 9 Step program

  1. An introduction to Surfing

  2. Stance, Positioning, Trimming

  3. Heading out back / Riding the green wave

  4. Turning / Using the Cutback / Creating Speed

  5. Walking the board / Footwork & Trimming

  6. Experiencing different boards, longer & shorter boards

  7. The Art of Longboarding & Traditional Surfing

  8. Progressive Surfing and pushing your ability

  9. The Art of Noseriding

“The guys at nineplus have a genuine interest to improve your surfing and get you to where you want to be!”

“Had a one to one lesson with the nineplus surf club yesterday which was led by Rob. Wasn’t really sure what to expect but left with a huge smile frothing for more waves! Rob set up a lesson plan after speaking to me about what I wanted from the session and asking me about my ability. He spent time watching me catch waves, pointing out small details and flaws each time, and showing me an easy way how to brush off the bad habits, and take in the new techniques that would help me progress.”

“I’ve self taught myself to surf like a lot of people, and could never really justify lessons, but this changed my mind. Rob made it really laid back and even though it was structured it didn’t feel like that, it was just the two of us catching waves and having fun! I like how 95% of it was all done in the water with a practical way of teaching. It was one of those sessions were my wave count was as good as it’s been for me, and that was all down to picking the right spot for the given conditions, the easy going friendly approach so I didn’t feel under pressure, and the guidance and tips in the water. The guys at nineplus have a genuine interest to improve your surfing and get you to where you want to be! My confidence in the water has improved massively and I’ll be back for sure! Thanks again!

– Dan