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Yamamoto Full Suit | 2/1mm

Yamamoto Full Suit | 2/1mm

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The Nineplus Yamamoto Full Suit represents what we believe to be one of the warmest, flexible and as close to a custom made wetsuit as possible. This version is our equivalent of the 3/2mm by anyone else and its a 2/1mm wetsuit. Buy using Japanese neoprene and also smooth-skin this is the ultimate flexible and light fullsuit available. We made it before in 2017 and it sold out very quickly so at last we have it back again,

The wetsuit has been upgraded to include various additional benefits including a revised neck fitting and elbow panels for durability when leaning on the board. Produced in Yamamoto Neoprene this is a suit which is extremely modern in terms of fit, comfort and weight while retaining the retro styling of a classic single lined smooth-skin wetsuit.

The secret of the Nineplus wetsuit is in the weight of the materials weighing in at just 1.5lbs (0.7kg). The suits have a minimal water retention as the outside cannot soak in any water and the lining being a nylon will dry out in under 10 minutes when left to dry.

The chest is lined in Zirconium thermal polypropylene which being water resistant keeps the core chest area warm. The leg paneling uses a complete piece of nylon to eliminate any seat seams and also doubles in flexibility to help when sitting up on the surfboard as it keeps the squat much more flexible.

** Contact, for special request orders for the UK, which has a lead time of 4 weeks for delivery from the USA. Check US site before hand to see if the item is in stock, orders must be made through the UK site. **

Nineplus Wetsuits from Nineplus & Hasu on Vimeo.



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