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Nineplus 'The Ospray' | 9'4 | 9'6 | 9'8

Nineplus 'The Ospray' | 9'4 | 9'6 | 9'8

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The Ospray Model.

New for 2018 we are remaking 'The Ospray' model again in Hermosa Beach, California. Using bespoke US Blanks with offset glue lines (red) the board is finished in a red resin tint and high gloss polish.

This model is given its name as when we started making it in 2004 we refused to allow it to be made with a spray but would only use resin work. As it was so full of glide we worked the name from the 'Osprey' bird while adjusting it to 'Ospray' (Zero Sprays)

The shape of this board is very smooth with a very slight rolled bottom. Serious nose concave for stalling the board back into the pocket and slowing it down to really get some 'tip time' The template of this model is originally taken from the 'David Nuuhiwa' model from 1965 but its obviously been updated and made lighter. 

Finished in an amber tint, flawless.



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