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Pipeliner Model | 9'6"

Pipeliner Model | 9'6"

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The Pipeliner model is a new board shaped by Maxx Dexter and based on the Phil Edwards model (please note this one is a 4 stringer version)

As written by Maxx: “The Pipeliner model which is the triple stringer is an all around board. Rolled bottom through out allows for smooth rail to rail transition and maneuverability. You could ride this board in any surf from beachbreak mush to solid point breaks. Off record; I think surfers have this preset notion that in order to nose ride you need a wide nose, flat rocker, concave and hips but I feel that just restricts you. A pulled in nose allows for more maneuverability to put the board in more critical places on the wave. I do agree that a wide nose with concave makes it easy to nose ride but I feel that the more advanced surfer needs to give this a try. I just started making boards for this local kid and he tried my 10’3″ with a pulled in nose and roll. First wave he got he went straight to the nose and got such an epic nose ride. He came back out tripping out on how good the board nose rides.”


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