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W4 | Optimal 4/3mm (Interchangeable Hood/Neck)

W4 | Optimal 4/3mm (Interchangeable Hood/Neck)

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The W4 is a 4/3mm multi functional wetsuit. It has the option of using as a 3mm hooded full suit or by unzipping the hood and changing to a regular style suit it becomes a standard 4/3mm suit. It is beautifully produced, and does not absorb or carry water, it's a shield. It is lined in zirconium throughout body (hood) The organ shield (front body panel) is 4mm while the legs and arms are 3mm.

This model is the most functional wetsuit we offer and is ideal for water temps between 7c (45f) - 12c (55f)

The crown of our wetsuits.

  1. Yamamoto #39 Neoprene
  2. Sealed, blind stitched seams throughout.
  3. Zero water penetration on body panels
  4. Zero Wind penetration on body panels
  5. Zero water absorption.
  6. Zirconium inner lining on chest area (water resistant thermal lining) 
  7. Interchangeable Hood or Reg. Neck system.

    Please note that if we do not hold the stock here in the UK, there may be a lead time of 4 weeks for delivery from the USA.

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